Housekeeping and life

Hi there! So, yes, this happened! I promised myself when I started blogging again that I would do it consistently, but it's been a week without any posts. I have a real excuse this time - I was busy. I know, I know... It used to be my excuse before, but it is actually true. Last week was really busy, I had to work really late on Wednesday and I was celebrating the end of the project on Thursday. By Friday I was beat and I just couldn't get the energy to post anything. Weekend was spent cooking and entertaining my family. And now it's suddenly Monday and I don't have a recipe to post.

My photos on big stands in front of the Sweet Flour cafe

So, I decided to do just a random post about site and a few things about me. I used to have a Russian blog a few years ago. It was a mix of recipes, travel photos, restaurants and my life. Those life posts were always the most popular. Up until right now, this site had no posts like this.

Although last week was really busy, it ended on a high note. I got emails about a couple of fun projects. One for the site and another a photography opportunity that I am pretty excited about. I'm not going to name names here just so that I won't jinx it, but if it happens I'll tell all about it. Also, one of my long-term clients sent me a text with a picture of my photographs on big stands in front of her store. It's not the first time I've seen my photos on big posters, but it's always exciting.

As for the site housekeeping, I have added a Recipes page to the navigation. It has a list of all of the recipes. I went through every blog post from 2008 (wow, I've had this site for 7 years now!) and there are quite a few neat recipes that I totally forgot about. 

I also updated About page with some information about me! That took a while to write. I almost wrote a novel there, but then deleted most and left only a few paragraphs. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer here in the comment!

And this concludes my first housekeeping-non-recipe-personal-ish-blog-post. Cheers!

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Posted on June 22, 2015 and filed under Personal.