About the International Food Styling and Photography Conference in Boston

It's been a month since I came back from the International Food Styling and Photography Conference in Boston. And it's been a month since I wrote something here, in my blog. Somehow every time I sat down to write, it just didn't seem right. In the beginning I was so overwhelmed by the conference, that I needed about a week to get my bearings. Then all those wonderful posts about the conference started to show up and I didn't know if I can keep up with them. I cannot take journalistic  photos and I cannot write as well as those guys. So, yes, it took me a month, but I am finally writing this, although not too detailed.

The conference was amazing!! I was inspired in so many ways that I cannot describe it. I met wonderful people who I could not ever meet here. I heard countless inspirational stories and I felt so much "at home" when I knew that most people there shared my obsession with food.

But I actually had two different opinions about the conference. On one hand I absolutely loved it, but on the other hand I was a little bit disappointed with some of the talks. Some of the presenters just showed us their portfolio and that's it. It felt a bit strange paying a large sum of money just to see the same pictures that are on their websites.

No matter what my feelings were about the conference, the last day made up for everything. We went to Francine Zaslow Studio and it was an experience of a lifetime!!! How can I describe it? Beautiful big kitchen with countless of dishes, plates, bowls, forks and glasses. Large windows, amazing equipment and absolutely wonderful talented photographers, food stylists and assistants. I spent most of my time observing Deborah Jones who worked with natural light.

I came home absolutely amazed with the things that I saw and heard. I still feel a little bit out of my element. Wow, was I there? Was I at the conference?  I think it'll take me a few more weeks to realize that yes, it actually happened and it wasn't a dream, but for now I'm going to keep dreaming about it.

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Posted on July 13, 2009 and filed under Photography.