Imagelicious is a Toronto-based food photography studio run by Julia Konovalova, specializing in food photography, still life photography, and product photography.

Julia has combined her passion for cooking, vast culinary experience and knowledge of photography into a successful career as a food photographer for both editorial and advertising purposes.

Having completed photography and culinary courses at various institutions, Julia obtained a solid understanding of food presentation.

Whether you want to refresh your restaurant menu's photographs to better reflect your food choices, or you want to advertise your services online, you can benefit from professional food photography.

How it works.

Food photography will take place where it is convenient for you. Our portable photography studio can be used to shoot on your premises or alternatively, product(s) can be picked up, photographed and promptly returned back to you.

Interaction. Satisfaction.

Your opinion and satisfaction is of paramount importance. We emphasize continuous feedback so that you are always aware of the progress on work being done and can provide valuable commentary.